Resistance to Change

Change is something we all wish for at some point in our lives,  in fact we wish for change more often then we realize simply through complaining about our current situation.  The difficulty with change is that it will require us to feel uncomfortable and down right yuk for us to get to the other side of change so we can start the whole process all over again.

Let me share a current example for you.  For a very long time I have wanted to write a book.  In fact it’s something I have always known I would end up doing.  Strangely enough I struggle with the idea of adopting a daily writing ritual to help this come to fruition.  I know it sounds silly that I have a desire to become an author but I didn’t want to ‘have to’ write everyday.

Hmmm of course this is going to pose a problem.

On my list of things that I desperately wanted to change, was getting into a routine of daily writing.  Doesn’t seem very hard I know but when you have a huge resistance to being successful then all your fears are faced when it comes to doing something that will eventually bring you to your success.

Daily Routine Writing = Successful Author

Fear of success is such a strange fear.

Whilst I get that many fears are seen as silly to the person who doesn’t have it, fear of success seems like “why the hell would you not want to be successful?”  Right?

Right…  The thing is I DO want to be successful so having a fear of success is very annoying.   And something I have long wanted to address and work through.  What they don’t explain very well when you need to work through your fears is that  – it’s going to be (VERY) – excruciatingly uncomfortable.   I mean of course it is, right?  If it wasn’t going to feel icky and awful and terrifying then I would have conquered it a long time ago.

So this idea of CHANGE – is now – in reality becoming a facing your fears example.  Because if we really put things into perspective, the real reason we get stuck is because we want what’s on the other side of change but we don’t immediately just walk into it because we have to go through the Massively Excruciatingly Uncomfortable to get there.

If we step back from this for a moment we can see it’s actually the system of life.  It’s set up to keep us moving forward and reaching for the things we really want but not getting them so easily that we don’t learn on the way OR just get what we want so easily because, well that would get a bit boring really wouldn’t it?

In fact we could call it the system to LIFE itself.

After all what would life be like if we just sat on a stump (that we might call comfort) and went no where…

Life would be like um, Death… right?

Life is literally all set up to force us to change.  Force might be too strong a word but geared up to entice us into changing constantly so that nothing ever gets too easy and simple that we find out we are sitting on a stump and then dead. ( I like being a little dramatic)

Life is about the challenges to get unstuck not the things that caused us to be stuck..  the things that cause us to BE stuck is when we focus on fear too long  and getting grizzly about it.  Then we just spend too much time talking about being stuck and complaining about being stuck and before we know it we are looking at our stump rather than facing our fear (and the icky part) and reaching for the next stage that contains everything we have been dreaming about.

The next level of normal…

You know that everything you really want is on the other side of that Massively Excruciatingly Uncomfortable which is still way better than being dead on a stump.

So here I am practicing my daily, writing and weekly blogging and building a manuscript.  AND you know what, it isn’t that hard after all and I think just maybe the Massively Excruciatingly Uncomfortable isn’t going to be quite so massive or excrutiating after all.